Inexpensive Electric Cars

It is about time that the world started thinking about global warming and their unsustainable carbon emissions. Consumers will soon benefit from electric cars on all the streets, without massive gasoline consumption and high priced oil. Due to new federal tax benefits and regulations, the era of the electric car has finally arrived. Of the major auto companies participating, we have Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, and many others.

The typical fuel consumption of a normal internal combustion engine ranges from 15 MPG to 35 MPG depending on the weight and engine size of the vehicle. Generally, the lighter the car's frame, the greater the miles per gallon that the car can acheive. The less powerful the engine, the better MPG as well. Even with hybrid engines, we've only seen mileage get down to around 60-70 MPG under the best scenarios. With new electric car technology, including more powerful batteries, cars like the Chevy Volt claim to get roughly 350 MPG. This is truly an astounding figure.
Hybrids will soon be seen as inefficient users of oil.
If you are looking to purchase a new electric car, you will want to make many calls to dealerships in your area. It is very possible that you will have to be put on a waiting list with the manufacturer.
Check with IRS to see if your new or used electric car qualifies for any tax credits or other benefits.
Global warming, but especially soaring crude oil prices, and instability in the Middle East are responsible for this lucky new spurt in American ambition. Electric cars are silent, they do not pollute the planet, and they have a very low operational expense.
Purchase prices for new electric cars may be high, but they will likely save you thousands of dollars per year in gas savings.

Auto companies are struggling right now, and they are looking for a new angle. The consumer market for large SUVs is drying up fast, and the companies are falling into debt.
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Used car lots may not have inexpensive electric cars readily available, so you may have to check Ebay Motors or Craigslist to enjoy the second hand market.